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  • The Fair is organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Rijeka in cooperation with the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the City of Opatija, Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, numerous tourism offices and other partners. At the fair you will meet the owners, managers and consultants from various sectors. Join us and become part of the global market.

    See you in always beautiful Opatija.


    What is a franchise?


    Franchising occurs when a company (the franchisor) grants another person or another group (the franchisee) the right to use its trade name (brand) and its operating methods (system operations, know-how) who agree to act in accordance with the terms of the franchise agreement. Franchising has a huge impact on the economy of the world. It is a model of enterprise growth which significantly reduces uncertainty in the high-risk growth phases: the business start-up and the rapid growth phase. Due to the recognized advantages of the franchise business model for new entrepreneurs and for successful companies with a growth potential, franchising has been successfully applied for decades in developed countries.

    There are many advantages of entering into franchising. For franchisors some of the most important are:

    • rapid expansion
    • rationalization of investment and risk
    • the benefits of franchisee’s local market knowledge
    • greater motivation for franchisees for generating revenue (working for yourself, but not by yourself)

    Franchising brings franchisor the minimization of business and financial risks, and faster growth with less capital engaged. These factors together lead to increased revenue of the franchisor and increased value of the franchise system, which ultimately facilitates finding new franchisees. The franchise relationship would not have been developed if the recipient did not recognize the advantages of operating a business on the basis of a proven business recipe and using the well-known name of the franchisor.

    There are numerous advantages for franchisees, and the most important are:

    • Lack of knowledge and experience in a certain field is reimbursed with the training provided by the franchisor at the beginning and during the entire period that the franchise relationship lasts;
    • Use of a successful and well-known business brand and reputation;
    • Franchisee remains an independent business entity that works for itself;
    • group incentives (rebates) of suppliers for centralized procurement of raw materials through the franchisor;
    • rationalization of investment for the start a business venture.

    Franchising is a concept based on knowledge, experience and innovation. Even in this time of crisis, it is a business concept that is constantly growing, and it enables stable growth and economic recovery.

    In Croatia, franchising is in the early stage of development and it is therefore necessary to promote the franchise business model to entrepreneurs as a model of growth and expansion (for the franchisor) and as a model of independent entry into entrepreneurship (for franchisees).


    We want to provide entrepreneurs, in one place, with all the required information to enter the world of franchising and to achieve business success.

    The FEC team